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Adelaide Fashion by Liza Emanuele

Adelaide is the home of many talented fashion designers: Liza Emanuele, Razak, George Gross and Harry Who just to name a few. Recently I did the hair and makeup for a photo shoot with ANT Photography where some of Liza Emanuele's designs were featured.


I was given a Liza Emanuel sample dress a few weeks ago by my partner. It is from the It Girl range and is a full length gown, purple and green in colour and simply stunning. I wore it to a romantic get away in the Adelaide Hills. Thorngrove Manor is a fairy tail castle where you can leave the world behind. I felt like a total princess.

Liza's high end designs are glamorous and surprisingly affordable. They can be found at her flagship store on King William Rd, Karibu on Melbourne St and the Liza clearance store in Regent Arcade.

I love Adelaide fashion!

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