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Beautiful Brides of Recent Times

Hey guys, here are some of the beautiful brides I've had the pleasure of hair and makeup-ing this year!

Adele Wedding Makeup

Adele Wedding Makeup

On Adele's wedding day we prepared the wedding party in the elegant setting of the Sebel Playford Adelaide. The bridesmaid's hair was styled with milkmaid braids going into a soft bun at the nape. We opted for natural curls for Adele's daughter who made an adorable flower girl. The look for the bridal party combined elegance with romanticism, simplicity and style.

Adele's Testimonial

Kristy did an amazing job with our hair and makeup on my wedding day! We were so thrilled with the results. Her fun and friendly manner made the morning as enjoyable and stress free as possible. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Kristy, her skill and experience clearly stands out. Thank you Kristy! you were the icing on a truly wonderful day!

Karen's Vintage Wedding Makeup

Karen's Vintage Wedding Makeup

Karen emailed me with a request for vintage hair styling on her wedding day. We did her hair and makeup at the salon and we narrowly avoided disaster when 5 minutes after she left I found myself running down Melbourne Street with her veil in my hands! I think Karen made the perfect vintage inspired bride.

Karen's Testimonial

I was really pleased with my makeup and hair, I think I re-touched only once throughout the whole night. I was pleasantly surprised at the photos because I am usually pretty self critical about my looks and very fussy with my hair and makeup, it was all just perfect and topped off a brilliant day.

Kini's Bridal Hair and Makeup

Kini's Bridal Hair and Makeup

On Kini's wedding day she had me up before the crack of dawn (something that doesn't happen very often!).  I travelled to her home to take care of hair and makeup for her and the bridal party. The family started to arrive as I was finishing up, along with a posse of tiny kids with flashing shoes - I had a touch of sneaker envy!

Kini's Testimonial

Thank you for doing such a wonderful job on my hair and make-up.  I loved it.  I really appreciated you accommodating for the early morning start.

Thanks to all my brides!

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