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Sometimes There Is No Clear Direction, Project Italy Day 14

Sometimes there is no clear direction.

I woke up this morning with no clear idea of what to do with my hair and makeup for you. I had coffee and no clear direction. I had breakfast and still no clear direction. I procrastinated with my little girl and yep, no clear direction.

I started playing and this is where I landed.

Monday morning bed hair - literally no clear direction.

Set top of hair with H2D large curling wand. 

Loosely plait remaining hair.

Pin plait into loose side bun.

Unpin the set hair.

Loosely twist the side section and pin.

And repeat on the other side.



Now for the makeup. Apply tinted moisturiser, light cream blush and Mac Untitled paint to the lids.

Soft contour of the socket with Viseart cool matte palette and black mascara.


Apply lipstick in Mac Half And Half.

And for today, this is where we find ourselves!

Kisses, K

Melbourne Hair and Makeup Artist