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Editorial Featuring the Best of Australian Wool

Recently I had the good fortune of assisting fellow makeup artist Jen Rossiter on a fashion shoot showcasing Australian Wool.

Wooly hair and makeup

Wooly hair and makeup

The shoot was for Adelaide based company Michell, one of Australia's largest exporters of Australian wool fibre. Michell commissioned Gemma Stocks to design their swimsuits. After seeing the swimsuits, I'd like to commission Gemma to make me one!

Gemma, if you're reading, I especially like the full piece and would love it in Green!

Australian wool swimsuits hit the pool

Australian wool swimsuits hit the pool

Stylist Claire Inc shared her secrets for a sunglasses make over and how to make statement jewellery pieces. Her turbans inspired me so much that now I want to wear them all the time. This is something I'm yet to do in public. What would I wear with my turban? Ideas?

Be sure to check out Samantha Jarrett. Samantha was the photographer for this amazing shoot and without her pictures this would all be a figment of my imagination.

Let's not forget the lovely Denise Hojdyssek, my fellow assistant: "I'll be the one..." (this is a location joke).

Thanks again Jen for asking me to help out with the shoot, I learned a lot from working with you and had a blast in the process.

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