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Feathers, fishtails, animalistic and a whole lot of wow!



I sectioned out a triangle section through the top of Caitlyn's hair.

Divided it in half and used wax to smooth it down. Braided each side using a two strand braid, only adding to one side. This creates a roll or twist like effect towards the parting.

The rest of her hair was smoothed back and secured into two fishtail braids.

I then fish plaited two 1 meter lengths of hair to secure the ends and attached the lengths  at the mid way point, working them into Caitlyn's hair. This created three fish plaits on each side.




I crafted mask like peacock brows by attaching many small peacock feather tips in layers. The result is scale like.

A fine black vale was plaited on top and large black feather lashes used like a brow.

Metallic gold and olive eyes take colour palette from the peacock feathers, lashes applied to the lower lash line.

Airbrushed skin and a peach pout.

My favorite image! 


Sleeping beauty!

Photography: Tracy Macaskill

Model: Caitlyn

Hair and makeup: Yours truly  

 Kisses K,

Melbourne Hair and makeup artist