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Finger Waves for Miss Pinup Australia

Recently I worked with Gen to create finger waves and pinup makeup for her run at the Miss Pinup Australia Finals in Melbourne.

Sassy in finger waves

Sassy in finger waves

During our first conversation she confessed she had done something crazy and possibly self-sabotaging by cutting off all her hair the week before the finals. Without her long locks she was at a loss about how to style herself for the Miss Pinup Australia Finals. That's where I came in!

Gen sent through some pictures of her new do, along with some inspirational pictures of Marilyn Monroe and Liz Taylor. She asked me to do my very best to make her look like them - she has a wicked sense of humour.

We decided that since her new haircut was shorter at the back and sides and longer at the front, the best way to style was to create a soft finger wave through the front section.

I did this by taking vertical sections through her fringe and spraying each section with White Sands Liquid Texture Spray.

I tonged each section with my conical wand and pinned each of them at the base so they could cool down. You can also use a regular curling tong but I find the conical wand gives you more definition in the wave.

After the sections had cooled I moulded them into waves.  I used a wide tooth comb and my fingers to hold them in place, securing the waves as I went with a light spray and some waving clips.

To finish the look I removed the waving clips and spritzed with a shine spray.

Et Voila! Gen's hair!

Vintage beach babe

Vintage beach babe

Gen did her own makeup but asked for my help  to perfect her liquid eye liner.

The trick with liquid eye liner is that it needs to be quite thick so you can see it when the eye is open. I like to use a gel liner and small brush to apply, although this requires a steady hand. You can cheat by perfecting the line with a eye lining pencil first then going over it with the gel liner and brush once you're happy.

Start about two thirds out from the inside of the eye and draw a line straight out extending it as far as you would like it to wing.

At the end of the flick draw a diagonal line down to meet the outside edge of the eye, filling in the area between the two lines and continuing the line towards the inside of the eye.  I like my line a little finer as it gets closer to the inside of the eye.

Rocking the uke

Rocking the uke

Gen's talent as Miss Pinup was to play her ukelele and sing a song and she received a standing ovation from the crowd. I like to think my eyeliner helped :)

Big thanks to Helen McLean for the pictures!

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