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Hair and Makeup for Cheryl's Glenelg Wedding

One of my recent bridal hair and makeup assignments was for Cheryl. I traveled to Glenelg to do the hair and makeup for her and her three bridesmaids. It was the perfect day for a beach wedding!


After placing an ad on a dating site and many uninspiring dates later, Cheryl was resigned to the possibility that she might not find that special someone in Australia. A good friend of hers had found love in America so Cheryl decided to change her profile to say that she was only interested in American men. This sparked the interest of a cockney chap living in Adelaide, who was curious to know why someone living in Brisbane would be looking for love so far abroad.  His question sparked an exchange of messages and in the end Cheryl fell for a Pom instead of a Yank and moved to Adelaide to marry him!

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