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Hollywood Glamour Makeup

Vintage inspired makeup is my favourite. I love the classic beauties that have graced the Hollywood screens. That's why I jumped at the chance to work with modern vintage pinup model Gemma Vendetta.

Gemma's Hollywood Makeup

Gemma's Hollywood Makeup

Gemma contacted me with the  task of taking her back in time, transforming her into a Hollywood movie star. With the help of Andy G and his talented camera work I think we succeeded in our task!

When approached with the project I asked Gemma to tell me a bit about her ideas and inspiration for the shoot.

My love of vintage runs deep through my veins and as a result, I wanted to be part of a photography experiment that was inspired by George Hurrell's era during the 1930s and 1940s. Drawing my inspiration from vintage Hollywood glamour and a love of nostalgia, being in front of the lens in a character that I feel I was 'meant' to be - I am able to transcend time, I feel confident, beautiful and truly alive. This, is where I was destined to belong. Thanks to Kristy Bassett's amazing makeup artistryskills, and Andy G Williams photography - I am able to be part of the magic and intrigue of vintage-inspired photography.