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Marie Antoinette Meets Moulin Rouge

I was approached by photographer Andy G to work together on a Marie Antoinette meets Moulin Rouge inspired shoot which is soon to be published in Inked magazine. Yay!

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Andy couldn't have chosen a more perfect model than Neko Marie.  She was easy going and loads of fun.


I had to laugh when Andy told me about scouring the second hand shops around town for corsets and feathers. Can you imagine the look on the faces of the shop assistants? Fortunately he didn't ask to try any of the corsets on!

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When I asked Andy about his inspiration for the shoot he replied:

Being vertically challenged and someone who loves a drop of wine and beautiful women, I am greatly inspired by Tolouse Lautrec and the time in France called La Belle Epoque or the Golden Age. I wanted to create an image using one of today's alternative models with the romantic idea we have of the early 1900's.The look is inspired by Marie Antoinette, who was a bit of an alternative queen in her day, combined with the Baz Luhrman take on the Moulin Rouge, corsets, fans and an underlying sexual tension!

I hope you enjoy the pics - stay tuned for updates on the magazine publication!

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