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MFW Day 4 Highlights, Project Italy Day 26

Milan Fashion Week Day 4 highlights. You guessed it - more centre partings.

Hair and makeup by Tods for Milan Fashion Week.

Quiff at front of hairstyle with loose knot in top section and free ends. Back section twisted bun at nape with loose ends.

Makeup blue black eyeliner with neutral lip.

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Really? Another centre parting?!


Hair and makeup by Antonio Marras for Milan Fashion Week.

External upside-down braid through the centre and two braids either side around the hairline, randomly secured at the back. Pink lids with silver centre with dotted detail underneath. Lip Sin by Mac with slight gloss and dark shadow in centre.

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Trecce amore!

Kisses K,

Melbourne Hair and Makeup Artist

MFW Day 3 Highlights, Project Italy Day 25

Hair and makeup highlights from Day 3 of Milan Fashion Week. We hit the streets for centre partings galore and a surprise ending.

photo 1-5.JPG

Taking our designer doggy for a walk.


Borsalino for #mfw and Ben's #happyday

Hair and makeup by La Koriador for Milan Fashion Week.

Side swept fringe with sleek sides.

Medieval woven upstyle hair.

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Hair and makeup by Maurizio Pecoraro for Milan Fashion Week.

Pearl shimmer eye, high pink cheekbone with matte red lip.


Centre parting. All the rage in Europe.

Hair and makeup by Moschino for Milan Fashion Week.

Forward set hair paired with a nude lip.

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Chop, chop!

Kisses K,

Melbourne Hair and Makeup Artist

MFW Day 2 Highlights, Project Italy Day 24

The sun came out for the second day of #mfw. Here are some of the hair and makeup highlights...

Hair and makeup for Maxa Mara at Milan Fashion Week 

Quiff and a stronger eye here than the catwalk. Creative license ;)

Hair and makeup for Fendi at Milan Fashion Week

Strong black dropped brow. Hoodie fabricated from Peppi's pram shade.

Hair and makeup for Prada at Milan Fashion Week

Gold lips and short, blunt fringe.

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Hair and makeup for I'M Isola Marras at Milan Fashion Week

Yellow pop eye shadow with accentuated orange inner. Hair clip with original artwork by Peppi Rae.

Snacks backstage at #mfw

La dolce vita!

Kisses K,

Melbourne Hair and Makeup Artist

MFW Day 1 Highlights, Project Italy Day 23

Welcome to Milan Fashion Week everyone! The weather didn't play nicely today but that didn't stop some amazing hair and makeup from strutting down the catwalks of Milan. Here are some of my favourite looks...

Hair and makeup for Simonetta Ravizza at Milan Fashion Week

Tussled hair with side sweeping fringe.

Hair and makeup for Genny at Milan Fashion Week

Backstage selfie @Genny

Centre sleek parting with gold brows.


Hair and makeup for Stella Jean at Milan Fashion Week

Visor with original artwork by Peppi Rae! <3

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Hair for Gucci at Milan Fashion Week

Pageboy hairstyle.

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Forza #mfw !

Kisses K,

Melbourne Hair and Makeup Artist

Blue Eyes, Project Italy Day 22

Back to the streets of Milano and a little moment of magic.

An old Italian man with kind blue eyes smiles as he sees us, leans over to greet my little girl and says "Hello blue eyes, you and I are the same" pointing to his eyes then hers.


Occhi azzurri

Kisses K,

Melbourne Hair and Makeup Artist

Shopping, Project Italy Day 21

Caterina, our host in Verona, is the best and here's proof: I got back from breakfast this morning and she was waiting at our door...


Last night while we were at dinner together I had mentioned a shop that I like, so today she organised to take me to their outlet on the outskirts of town. Shoes and bags here we come!

OMG I am so excited right now!

Surprise shopping face

Amo scarpe e borse

Kisses K,
Melbourne Hair and Makuep Artist

Juliet, Project Italy Day 20

Today I'm in Verona, the city of love.

Being here reminds me of "Letters to Juliet" where a group of women spend their days answering letters of hope, love and heartbreak that are sent to Juliet from all over the world.

I <3 Juliet and Verona. Here's my tribute to them...

Amanti sfortunati

Kisses K,

Melbourne Hair and Makeup Artist

Slick, Project Italy Day 19

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I'm going to Verona
Here's a wet look for you

I love this lipstick! Bronze Shimmer by Mac.

Pettinati all'indietro

Kisses K,

Melbourne Hair and Makeup Artist

1960s Fashion, Hair and Makeup; Project Italy Day 18

For the last few days we've stayed in the historic Unicorn Apartment near Lecco. It's a family estate that has been passed down from generation to generation for hundreds of years and a total inspiration.

I've seen my fair share of stunning wedding venues as part of my bridal hair and makeup adventures but this place is next level - they host wedding parties for guests in their thousands, all summer long.

I was chilling out admiring the antique furniture and stone hewn walls of our space when a 1960s fashion mag caught my eye. I flipped through and quickly discovered my inspiration for today.


The Inspiration.

Start with blow-dried hair with a soft wave.

Apply foundation with a brush then concealer and blend. Draw a semi circle along the socket line and connect with the outside corner of the eye.

Repeat this on the second eye and about half way along the bottom lash line and blend.


Set the eye lid with a neutral colour and the socket line with dark brown Viseart cool matte palette. Apply loads of black mascara. Lips are muted down with concealer and set with pale pink from Viseart cool matte palette.

Define brows thinly and lightly contour cheeks with Mac Mineralize Medium Dark.

Section out the top part of the hair in a semi circle shape from the recession areas.

Take another semi circle section behind the first and secure with a hair band. Tease. 

Roll teased section into a large padded bun and pin into place with bobby pins.

Section out the front sections from ear to ear, roll the back section into a french roll and secure.

Comb out the fringe section with a centre parting and cover the padded bun with the remaining hair. Secure with bobby pins.


Sleek the fringe section down and secure with bobby pins.

Pin up each side and secure with bobby pins.


Moda dagli anni Sessanta

Kisses K,

Melbourne Hair and Makeup Artist

Cate Blanchett at Lake Como, Project Italy Day 17

We've meandered north of Milan to visit Lake Como, a popular summer spot amongst Italiani and a home away from home to George Clooney and Brad Pitt.

Como's also famous for providing the backdrop to the Talented Mr Ripley, in which a certain gliterrata played by Cate Blanchett worked a look just like this one...

Stella del Lago di Como.

Kisses K,

Melbourne Hair and Makeup Artist