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Vintage Victory Rolls, Project Italy Day 9

While I'm getting my Italy on, the Melbourne bridal enquiries keep rolling in. Yesterday I received one from a lovely bride-to-be who put together an amazing mood board for her dream look. My hair and makeup today is a tribute to her!

First section out the fringe and clip it out of the way.

Take the first side section from just behind the ear up towards the parting, roll and secure with bobby pins.

Repeat this on the other side, setting the second roll slightly lower than the first.

Divide the back section of hair into two sections and roll each one up, leaving the ends out, and secure with bobby pins.

Roll the ends up and pin them into the back opening of the front rolls. If my fringe section was longer it would be rolled up and joined into the opening of the side roll.

Like so.

Apply foundation - I've used Giorgi Armani Luminous Silk.

Highlight in between the eyebrows and down the nose, either side of the nose, underneath and along the outer edges of the eyes and, lastly, under the lip on either side of the chin.

Lightly blend the highlight being careful not to make it disappear.

Set with powder in Mac Mineralise Skin Finish Medium.

Apply blush to the apples of the cheeks in Mac 

Comb the brows up and fill in the gaps with light brown eyeshadow from Viseart Cool Matte palette. 

Using a firm angle brush, apply wing eyeliner in Mac Black Track.

Lightly apply dusty pink eyeshadow from Viseart Cool Matte palette and lots of mascara in black. Lipstick is Lady Danger by Mac.

Annata vixen!

Kisses K,
Melbourne Hair and Makeup Artist